Amazing Maths Magic Tricks

maths tricks

There are millions of people in the world who see maths as something magical and exciting as apposed to dreading it. Most people just don’t like maths and maybe its the teacher who doesn’t teach it in an exciting way. Once you discover the magic in maths it will enrich all your mathematical experiences. Peter Higgins, professor and author reveals the magic behind what many people battle with.

It is strange to think that maths and magic go hand in hand and that many magical effects performed today actually have a mathematical basis.

Think how you’ll amaze people with this ‘mind reading’ trick.

1) Ask your audience to pick a number in their mind from 0 to 9.

2) Tell them to double the number. ( 2+2=4 ).

3) Tell them to add five to the new number. ( 4+5=9 ).

4) Tell them to multiply the answer by five. ( 9*5=45 ).

5) Now tell them to remember the answer. ( 45 ).

6) Ask them to pick another number from 0 to 9. ( in this case 4 )

7) Ask them to add this number to their answer. ( 45+4=49 ).

8) Ask them to tell you the answer. ( 49 ).

9) Listen to it carefully and then in your mind subtract 25 from the total. ( 49-25=24 )

10) The first digit of the answer YOU get in your mind after subtracting 25 ( 24 ) is the first number they picked ( 2 ) and the second digit is the second number they picked ( 4 ).

With these tricks and more, math magic tricks can certainly create a sense of curiosity about maths.