Are you still Learning Magic?

We have not spoken with some of our long-term students in such a long time, we really wanted to hear from you to see how you have been going. Being a Magician is such an incredible skill to have and a lot of the time we will go through inspirational periods of motivation and other times it will just sit in the back of our minds as a skill that is waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting audience.

Magic is one of the only skills that can truly silence an audience in Amazement, performing a Magic Trick involves taking your audience on a journey, letting them get a glimpse of another world, a world of illusion and amazement.

So please tell us, we really want to hear from you;

  • Have you continued to learn Magic?

  • Are you doing your own Magic Shows?

  • What is your favorite Magic Trick?

  • What Magic Trick Gets the Best Response from your Audience?

Please tell us your success in the Comments of this Post, we want to really help our students get their inspiration back and lets promote your Magic shows to the world!!!


  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Guys, thanks for letting me share my experience with you. I started magic at the age of 10, I am now 16 and I have learnt about 20 really good magic tricks that I can perform at parties and get together s. Mostly card tricks but I have a few tricks where I use thread to help me really amaze my audience.

    I am still in school and being able to show my friends my magic has been great. I am always learning and perfecting my magic skills. Not really sure if I will take it up as a profession but being able to show the girls a magic trick has always helped me break the ice when I am at parties.

    I think I am best at my Card Tricks, I really focused on increasing my skills with the sleight of hand tricks. They are great to be able to amaze.

    Thanks for letting me share

  2. Matt says:


    I have been performing magic for about 2 years now. I guess I really liked watching Dynamo and that’s what got me started in Magic. It is so great to be able to impress my friends. I really like to perform Card Tricks because I can carry a deck of cards around with me. I am hoping one day to be a professional Magician and be able to have shows and audiences all over the world. The more I practice and learn the better I will become. Thanks FreeMagicSchool

    • Jason - says:

      Hi Matt, yes Dynamo is a great Magician, we also keep a close eye on all his magic and try and work out just exactly how he performs his tricks. There is nothing better than learning from a master.

  3. Magic Me says:

    I Love Magic

    Magic has been a great inspiration for me. Whenever I want attention at a party all I have to do is perform a few magic tricks and I have people all around me. I am considering doing some street magic as I want to be able to earn some money doing the things I love. If I could do magic all day I would be very happy. It is tricky keeping up with all the new tricks but the more I practice the better I get. I reckon 2015 will be a great year for me, if I work really hard I can become a great Magician.

    • Jason - says:

      Magic Me,

      Work hard, and you will be able to do any kind of magic you like. You can earn a good income from Street Magic, it just takes practice and perfecting your show. Well Done

  4. Thank you for this opportunity and venue to share my background in magic. I have done Close Up, Parlor, Stage as well as Walk Around. I have performed venues at parties, corporations, service organizations, police dept., churches, retirement homes and many more. With over twenty years plus in entertainment Magic has taken me in all areas of the word and United States.

    I have completed the Chavez School of Magic and Jeff McBrides School in LV. I belong to International Brotherhood of Magicians, SAM, Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle). Since the last century.

    I performed at Flappers Comedy Clubs in Montclair and in Burbank and the Canoga Bowl. Your added illusions have proven to be a great help as well.

    Thanks for your help !

    • Jason - says:

      Kosmyk the Magician,

      WOW Great stuff !!! you have an amazing set of accomplishments, well done!!! you are one of the true magicians who really masters his art.

      What an excellent inspiration to all our younger Magicians.

      Your website is also a great example of how to take Magic to the next level and arrange shows and bookings.

      Thank you for sharing !!

  5. sam says:

    I love magic. 2 years back I started learning magic by my own from a teacher and free sources. I was not regular and got busy in some other priorities. Now I am 33 years old and again started learning this week. Now I want to learn it regularly. I depends upon free sources in web only for learning. I want to buy good magic props like cards, thumbtip
    Can you suggest me some source?

    • Jason - says:

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for sharing your story and it’s great you are getting back into Magic. Since you were subscribed to our school we have added a lot more magic tricks so we highly recommend you subscribe to our videos again here We will also keep you updated on all the latest Props and you can purchase them through us if you are located in the US.

      Thanks again and looking forward to helping you follow your passion.

  6. John says:

    I have always been interested in doing magic, but I have recently started performing at church. My performances are going great. My favorite trick is the trick that I am working on because I think every trick is great you just have to have the right presentation. The trick that people seem to really enjoy seeing a trick called “Vacation”.

    • Jason - says:

      Great John,

      Church groups are an excellent place to perform, the audience is very active and very supportive. You are totally right, Presentation is EVERYTHING…

      Well done

  7. Armindjulovic says:

    I do. I watch for the most “Documemtaries about magic” There is this trick i been trying to learn for so long its called “Bottle glas bottle” i cant find the way how to do it. But yes im still doing magic.

  8. Ricky says:

    Still doing my card tricks but purely for fun. Have a friend who does it for money and every time I see his show I get put off……I must practise more!!


    • Jason - says:

      Good work Ricky,

      You are not alone, card tricks are the backbone for every good magicians performance. You are 100% right, if you are not doing it for fun you might as well do something else.

  9. ayanda says:

    hi there, i have been trying to perform magic for sometime but unfortunately luck is not with me, guys i need some serious help

    • Jason - says:

      Hi Ayanda,

      The important thing is to practice, keep trying and do the tricks over and over again until you can perfect them. Best of luck.

  10. Comicjenius says:

    I have been performing magic for 44 years, from close-up miracles to full blown stage illusions. I would like to offer my services and years of experience to help would-be fellow magis improve and learn this most enjoyable and noble craft. If you need any consultation needs please do not hesitate to ask. Magically yours,The Amazing Keni ( My friends call me “The” for short!)

    • Jason - says:

      Thanks The Amazing Keni,

      44 Years is a long time, I am sure you have seen nearly every trick in the book. Thank you for your offer and best of luck.

  11. edward calado says:

    I really love magic and I professionalize coin magic and this is what I performed to amaze my friends during party or get together and I really like performing some of the trick from which I’ve learned from your video.

    • Jason - says:

      That’s Great Edward,

      Coin tricks are one of the best illusions for parties because you can always have a coin in your pocket, or at least borrow one from a friend. Well done.

  12. babatunde adeleke says:

    I quite appreciate all the trial tricks, but still managing to understand them. It is my wish to be conversant and play them at will.

    I have return to the practice. The practice has been hampered by my work and recent exams I sat for in my primary area of discipline.

    I love magic and strongly seek for support to knowing it more. I don’t mind to come around during my leave for more practical training at least to keep my future bright after retirement.

    I love magic

  13. magician tricks says:

    hi I’m so happy when I learn magic and watch it and I love learn coin magic and card tricks and stage and I would like to thank you for this great article

  14. Khamphithoun says:

    Dear Sir

    Yes I still playing and try to learn more and more. I keep the materials with me all the time

  15. Jan says:

    My favorite magic trick is self vanish.

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