Are you the next Criss Angel?


Criss Angel (real name Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos) was born in December 1967, he is one of America’s hottest Magician’s and Illusionists. Criss currently bases himself out of Las Vegas and is best known for his work in his Television and stage show Criss Angel Mindfreak. His live performances are titled Criss Angel Believe.

Angel has set a number of world records and has been on primetime television for more hours than any other magician in history. Criss was named Magician of the Decade in 2009 and Magician of the Century in 2010 by the International Magicians Society.

Angel is the author of the book Mindfreak: Secret Revelations, which was published by HarperEntertainment in 2007. Mindfreak: Secret Revelations appeared on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list that year.

Criss is the ultimate performer, using his skills as a Magician and a Musician Criss can entertain and delight audiences all over the world. He started his love of Music at age seven and performed his first show at the age of twelve, and was paid $10. By the age of fourteen Chris as performing in high schools and restaurants. His first major illusion was making his mother float in the family den.

After graduating he decided that his love of Magic was enough that he wanted to pursue a career in it. Criss started traveling and performing with other performance acts.

If you have a love for magic and you want to become a professional Magician, you will have to commit many hours to mastering all the skills needed to become a master of the art. You will need to step outside the realms of just Magic and let your performance take over, leaving your audience feeling amazed.


Learn Magic

become magician

Becoming a Magician is one of the most exhilarating skills you can learn. Having the ability to create illusions that excite and astound your audience gives you an aura of mystery that is unmatched in any other type of performance.

If you are interested in learning magic there are a few basic places you need to start. First you have to obtain a deck of cards and work through some basic magic tricks that involve counting and card positioning. Card tricks are the cornerstone of a Magician’s skills, you must always carry a deck of cards with you wherever you go so you can practice your tricks over and over again with new audiences and in difference locations.

The Ultimate 4 Card Trick is a great trick to start with, it is simple and is designed to amaze even the most skeptical audience.

Before you move on to the more advanced Sleight of hand card tricks you can actually work through a number of other tricks that are simple and just as impressive, take note of the following tricks and put them in your notepad for future reference;

Impossible, Impossible Ver. 2, Royal Triumph, Think Force, Any Card Thought Of, The Convincer, The Gambler, Time Machine, Open Prediction, Match Maker, Any Two Cards, Instant Reversal, Oops Force, Cut Deeper Force, Hindu Shuffle Force, The Glide, Double Lift, Houdini Color Change, Color Change Routine

These tricks can be found on the instructional DVD Killer Card Tricks With No Sleight of Hand

Once you have mastered these basic Card Tricks and skills you will be able to start working on your sleight of hand. There is an excellent 4 DVD set which includes everything from Basic card tricks through to the more advanced Sleight of hand and we highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in becoming a Magician.

The DVD’s include over 120 effects and is a complete course that will move you from a beginner to expert level card magic. You will learn the great sleights of hand, controls, and flourishes of a proficient card technician. Highly respected magic instructor, Gerry Griffin, will take you step-by-step through your entire journey into card magic.

DVD 1: Beginner & Intermediate
DVD 2: Advanced & Expert
DVD 3: Expert Extreme
DVD 4: Forces, Shuffles, Flourishes, Cuts, & Sleights

Complete Card Magic – 4 DVD Set

Just these three learning DVD’s will be enough to make you stand out from the rest of the Magicians you meet as most people do not commit the time or the energy it needs to truly become a wonderful magician. Do yourself a favour, invest in yourself and you will be rewarded with a lifetime of skills that you can use whenever or wherever you go.

Wild Card Magic Trick

Wild Card Magic Trick


If you are wanting to experience magic on the Wild side… then this is the perfect Magic Trick kit for you.

If you are looking for a magic trick that has fooled Magicians for centuries and you want a trick that is easily learned then look no further than the Wild Card magic trick.

With the skills you will learn from this trick you will be able to have your audience watch the transformation of the nine (9) of spades into Wild Queens right before yours and your audiences very eyes!

You will be able to master the Ultimate Card trick quickly with the visual guide, DVD and online teaching. There are even 7 seven performance variations to this trick which will allow you endless opportunities to fool your audience again and again!

Wild Card Kit Includes:


  • Magic Cards
  • Visual Guide
  • Online Teaching
  • Instructional DVD with 7 Bonus Performance Versions



Are you still Learning Magic?

We have not spoken with some of our long-term students in such a long time, we really wanted to hear from you to see how you have been going. Being a Magician is such an incredible skill to have and a lot of the time we will go through inspirational periods of motivation and other times it will just sit in the back of our minds as a skill that is waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting audience.

Magic is one of the only skills that can truly silence an audience in Amazement, performing a Magic Trick involves taking your audience on a journey, letting them get a glimpse of another world, a world of illusion and amazement.

So please tell us, we really want to hear from you;

  • Have you continued to learn Magic?

  • Are you doing your own Magic Shows?

  • What is your favorite Magic Trick?

  • What Magic Trick Gets the Best Response from your Audience?

Please tell us your success in the Comments of this Post, we want to really help our students get their inspiration back and lets promote your Magic shows to the world!!!

Switching Box Trick

Limited Edition Piece

Prepare to Dazzle your Audience

Can you afford not to have this in your show?

Take your Magic to the next level.

This highly deceptive contraption will dazzle audiences with ease by transforming objects or even making a new object appear out of thin air. The spring activated trap door swings faster than the blink of an eye, so the switch seems to happen instantaneously!

This effect has endless possibilities for performance routines. Colorful instructions include 3 suggested routines including switches with dollar bills, silks, and appearing cards.

Size: 5.25 x 3 x 3.5 inches (Length x Width x Height)


Order Now $79.95 USD (MSRP $99)

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Out of this World

Get Ready to Blow their Minds

Sorting cards by color is easy, right?

What if the cards are face down?

Any deck of playing cards can be used to perform this effect.

Included: Printed instruction guide for step by step learning
Teaching DVD
Online learning.


Order Now $9.95 USD

US Customers Only ($8.95 USD Postage & Handling)

The Magic Box

Try to imagine what’s inside this small tin.

You give it a shake and you feel there’s something inside.

Perhaps you may think it is a ring or a coin.

But, after you look inside be ready to be fooled!

This trick is so good, it will even fool magicians! THIS ITEM CAN BE HANDED OUT FOR INSPECTION!


Order Now $14.95 USD

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Telekinesis Card Trick

This trick is a very impressive trick and one that once mastered will totally astound your audience. The trick involves a Hindu shuffle and the force card technique and also requires you to prepare for the trick with the aid of some invisible string or cotton. As can be seen by this magician he is wearing a black shirt which means he can easily hide the string he is using to pull on the card and make it appear to levitate.

You need more than that RIGHT!!

Learn How to Force a Card

Quick Overview

Learn how to have the ability to make your spectator secretly select a card! Amaze your audience with the Cross Cut Force, Riffle Force, Short Card Dribble, and much more! Collect the series!



$14.95 USD

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On This DVD:

Cross Cut Force
Hindu Force
Cut Deeper Force
Slip Cut Force (var. 1)
Slip Cut Force (bonus app)
Slip Cut Force (var. 2)
Riffle Force
Dribble Force
Short Card Dribble
Short Card Riffle
Rollover Force
Say When Force
Glide Force

The French Drop Coin Trick

This trick has been around for a very long time, and as simple as the trick appears is a little bit difficult to master as your brain is instructing your hand to do one thing, but for the purposes of the trick you need to do another. The Magician uses a wand to misdirect the audience into forgetting the last place they saw the coin, however some will still want you to show that you have nothing in both hands which might ruin the trick. Worth having a go at.


The Muscle Pass

Quick Overview

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the muscle pass, there’s no better place then right here! Kris Nevling shows you how to master this elusive move along with seven high-impact applications. If you already do the muscle pass, this DVD will help you perform it higher and easier. Bring your coin magic to a whole new level..A HIGHER Level! All you need is a coin, your hands, and someone to amaze!



$19.95 USD

US Customers Only ($4.95 USD Postage & Handling)

Discovery Card Trick

This card trick is SURE TO IMPRESS!!!

It is extremely simple however is very effective as you can select any participant out of your audience and they can select any card they like and you will look like a master magician. The idea is to turn the cards so that the participants card appears to have magically turned itself around, however you are actually turning the entire deck around and their card is placed into the deck upside down. Probably easier for you to watch the video….. Enjoy


Appearing card in BOttle

Quick Overview

Is it possible to make a selected card appear in a bottle inches from a spectator’s eyes? Find out by joining Eddy Ray and learn all of the secrets. On this DVD Eddy Ray will teach you a dozen visual effects, tricks and routines using an ordinary bottle. You’ll learn step-by-step with clear detailed teaching so that you’ll be able to add this incredible magic into your repertoire.



$14.95 USD

US Customers Only ($4.95 USD Postage & Handling)