Disappearing Silk Trick

The Disappearing silk trick is a great trick, but you do require a Magic Thumb Tip to be able to perform the trick. You can try and make one if you have an old glove and some hardening glue. The trick is to wear the Thumb Trick until you place the Tip in your opposite hand and start to push the Silk into the Tip. Once the silk is completely inside the Tip you then place the Tip back on your Thumb and show your audience that you no longer have the Silk, you can then proceed to place the Tip back in your hand and extract the Silk again.

Simple yet effective trick.

Knotting your Silk

Magic Knot

Quick Overview

Magic Maker’s quality on this item has been tested by the very best in magic. Made from reinforced parachute material, the famous magic knot effect popularized by Slydini can now be yours! Two silks are tied together by a strong knot. The knot is examined by your spectators and then you can instantly make the knot dissolve.



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