Escape from Rope

Houdini was a Master Magician and could escape from anything, he showed the world that Magic was more than just card tricks, it could be a matter of life and death. With a little practice you will also be able to escape from your own trap. This very simple Rope trick is a great escape routine that you can perform for your friends this weekend.

The trick is easy to perform as all it requires is a normal piece of rope and the know how of how to cross the rope correctly when you are placing it around your wrists, you get stuck a couple of times so make sure you have a friend with you when you are practicing, best of luck.

Impress with Easy Magic

30 Rope Tricks

Quick Overview

Rope magic is a powerful part of a magician’s act. Learn how to make the magic happen on this instructional DVD with just a piece of rope. Amaze your audience with Cut & Restored Rope, Endless Loop, Rope Thru Girl, and much more! Collect the series!



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On This DVD:

Basic Routine
What Rope to Use?
Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 1)
Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 2)
Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 3)
Uneven Ends
Endless Loop
Rope Thru Neck
Rope Thru Girl
One-Handed Knot
Professor’s Nightmare