Extremely Simple Card Trick

This trick is nearly too simple to share, but practicing this trick will enable you to master the art of holding two cards when your audience things you are holding just one card. The skills you need to perform this trick are extremely simple, most of the trick is making it look more difficult than it actually is.

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Color Changing Deck

Quick Overview

The Color Changing Deck is a stunning effect that even fools magicians! Rudy T. Hunter will teach you this routine, and more, giving you a complete act. Special gimmicked bicycle back card and wallet included!

On this DVD:

The Routine – A fast and easy routine that will leave your spectators amazed!

Chicago Opener – One of the best card tricks in card magic. Make one card back out of the whole deck change color while still staying the same on the front.

Mine – Take the Chicago Opener to the next level and really astonish your spectators by finding their card with a special message written on it.

Mental Prediction – This trick will give your spectator the psychic ability to pick the only different backed card in the whole deck.

Imaginary Card in Wallet – Your spectator signs a card and it magically changes color on the back.



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