Finger Palm Vanish

The finger palm vanish is a great trick to learn how to palm a coin, there are a number of difference ways to hold the coin and your preferred method will depend on the size of the coin you are using the the size of your palm. Make sure you really practice this trick well before performing as it is easy to get caught out with your audience working out what you are doing.

Still a great trick to get you started without having to spend a cent…..  Check out the video.

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Tricks with a Thumbtip Combo

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The magician’s thumbtip can be one of the most powerful gimmicks in performance. The DVD contains easy to learn routines & vanishes. A Vanishing Kit comes with the DVD! Collect the series!



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On This DVD:

The Basics
Silk Vanish
Salt Vanish
Bill Switch
Cut & Restored String
Vanishing Cigarette (ver. 1)
Vanishing Cigarette (ver. 2)
Vanishing Cigarette (ver. 3)
Mr. Elliot Vanishes a Pen
Silk from Silk
Float Anything
Silk Subtlety