Floating Plastic Cup

A very simply trick Bill Blagg’s teaches here is how to make a Coffee Cup (or other plastic cup) appear to float!  The trick requires nothing else than a cup that you are able to put a hole in, with the basic idea that you put a hole in the back of the cup and stick your thumb through the hole, you then appear to let go of the cup with your other fingers and voila, the cup appears to float in mid-air.

A great trick to spend the afternoon tricking your family and friends.

Can you do the Chop Chop

The Chop Cup with Props & DVD

Quick Overview

The Chop Cup with Props & Teaching DVD
by Magic Makers

This magical cup is precision made for the professional
magician as well as those just starting in magic.

You get:
The Magic Makers Chop Cup
A set of red knit balls (props)
A set of rubber bounce balls (props)
Instructional DVD for fast learning to make the magic happen
Make Magic Happen NOW!!.



$24.95 USD

US Customers Only ($4.95 USD Postage & Handling)


  1. Carol says:

    This is a great trick and very easy and impressive