How to Put Easy Magic Tricks Together which will WOW

The person who has a few magic tricks up his sleeve is an absolute hero when a party lacks sparkle. Everybody loves magic tricks…even adults. Magic tricks are a fantastic way to amaze and delight party-goers. If a party is battling to build up an exciting vibe, a few magic tricks can turn an otherwise boring event into something mesmerising. There are lots of magic tricks that anyone can learn. Card tricks, mind-reading magic tricks and vanishing tricks are all guaranteed to be highly entertaining and mind boggling.

Step by Step Guide to Perform Simple Magic

You can lean some really easy and amazing tricks completely free too. There are magic online sites which show you how to learn tricks from free videos which will show you step-by-step how to do each trick. There are also free online libraries which will tell you all about some of the feats of the world’s greatest magicians. Some of the tricks are downright dangerous but these are for very experienced magicians.

A favourite trick to delight old and young is where you take two purple silk handkerchiefs and tie them together at the corner. Take a yellow handkerchief and vanish it. Hold the two purple silks and pull on them and the yellow silk handkerchief is found to be tied in between them. These are simple magic tricks that are easy to learn but keep audiences guessing, even in their simplicity.

How to Delight when Everyone is Watching

The Internet is a treasure trove of ideas for simple magic tricks which you can use whenever the opportunity arises. Who knows you may become so sought after, you may even begin looking at becoming a full time magician!