Is Magic Real or An Illusion?

airfloatMagic has been a form of entertainment for centuries. Performers or magicians would do routines in front of an audience, and appear to have supernatural powers, but the question that has always been asked by people is, “Is magic real or an illusion?”

The word magic is defined as a form of power that allows people to do impossible things by saying words or performing actions. An illusion is something that appears to be different from what it is intended to be, so if a performer appears to have taken a ball from his left hand using his right hand, and then shows the audience that the ball has disappeared from his right hand and suddenly makes it appear on his left hand, this can be considered an illusion. However, magic can also be defined as a special power or skill, and if the audience is tricked to believing that the magician has special powers or technical skills, then perhaps they have just witnessed magic, or a magic trick.

Illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown had a series of episodes called “Trick of the Mind”, wherein he performs phenomenal tricks and illusions on people, eventually giving an effect of amazement. If a performance can give an effect like that to an audience, then it is from the audience’s own perception that the magic is happening in front of them, whether they know it is real or just an illusion. So the answer is magic can be both real and an illusion.