Learn the Disappearing Coin Trick

This trick has a little bit of the wow factor as it involves ripping up paper and impressing the audience with the dissapearing coin. Easy to perform with just some paper and a coin is all you need. To get you started you take your coin and place in the middle of a piece of paper, the trick then envolves you carefully folding the paper to create a pocket. Watch the video to learn how to fold the paper correctly. Once you have folded your paper you will be able to manover your hands to descreetly take the coin and place it in your pocket when you retrieve your wand.

Take your Money Skills up a notch

Coin Squeeze

Quick Overview

Is it possible to make coins pass through a solid wall of brass? Drop the coins in the magic funnel and one by one make them pass through the solid brass wall. This fantastic pocket trick can work with any coins that fit in the funnel. Plus, you will receive an instructional DVD along with your Coin Squeeze!



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