Paedophile magician should Use his Own Magic and make Himself Disappear

MagicianRobert Cox, a convicted paedophile, is now at it again. Convicted of possessing child abuse images, he has simply re-emerged using an alias. He is now performing his tricks as though nothing has happened, but he can’t hide his vile and evil paste.

Leaving the Magic Circle after he was convicted of hoarding no less than 18,000 child abuse pictures on his computer, Robert Cox now advertises himself as ‘Robin Winter’. The under-cover magician even has a website, and those booking his magic shows will have no idea who they are really dealing with.

It was in 2012 that the paedophile was convicted because of his possession of indecent images of children. For this offence he was ordered to attend a sex offender programme. The courts heard that he didn’t only have images, but movies as well and these he was sharing with friends.

Even though the judge, Judge Martin Griffin, sentenced Cox to a three-year community order, this hasn’t stopped him offering his services as a comedy magician and public speaker. Even though he couldn’t renew his membership with the Magic Circle, this hasn’t been enough to keep him out of action. In fact his website features Cox-cum-Winter smiling into the camera, offering his magician services and advertising delighted testimonials from unknowing and unsuspecting customers.

Speaking from his home which he shares with his wife, he casually stated that his acts don’t put kids at risk and that he doesn’t entertain kids.