Rubberband up the Nose Trick

The rubber band up the nose trick is a great visual trick that will leave your audience cringing!!!  You give the appearance that you have actually shot a rubber band up your nose, and with a little acting your audience will wince in pain every time you do it, they may even ask you if you have problems with all the rubber bands up your nose.   The trick is achieved with making use visually always having rubber bands on your wrist and holding and stretching the rubber band so that it appears the band is independent from your hands, which of course it is not.  Check out the video.

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RubberBand Tricks

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They are everywhere you are. At work. In school. In your desk. In the car. In your pocket! Ben Salinas shows you how to make rubber bands vanish, re-appear, penetrate your finger, join together, pass through a ring, and much more! No preparation! No advance setup! No gimmicks!

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Linking Bands, Penetrating Bands, Jumping Band, Max Malini’s Ending, Impossible Jumping Bands, Double Jumping Band, Band Thru Wrist, Torn & Restored Elastic, Band Up The Nose, Rising Ring On Band, Ring Thru Sharpie, Thumb Penetration, Snap, Splitting A Band Into 2, Vanishing An Object In A Silk, Elast-Escape, The Deck That Cuts Itself, Y Not, Clips That Join, Criss Cross, Thumb Thru, The Rubber Band Star 1, The Rubber Band Star 2, Two Way Stretch, Toungtastic, Finger Spin Flourish, Taking Martin by the Hand, A Band Ment, Back Handed, Penetrating Ring, Thumb Tie with Rubber Bands, Ring & Band Link, Kalush Link, Spread Suspension, Master Link, Stranded, Thru A Spectator’s Finger, Synthesis, Hypertonic, Visible Deck Penetration



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