Free Magic Trick

We love magic at the Free Magic School and we love to give away as many FREE Gifts as possible, so this is how it works, the more you spend, the more free Gifts we will give you. 


At the moment if you spend just $10 in magic tricks you will receive Free the Crazy Cube.

The Crazy Cube is a simple and very easy to perform magic that is a great Illusion!!! The Crazy Cube is easy enough to be performed by novice magicians yet amazing enough to leave experienced performers speechless. Now you can have the power to read minds with the Magic Makers Crazy Cube. Free when you spend just $10 in products.


Spend a little more on updating your Magic Trick portfolio and receive the MAGIC MYSTERY PEN

The Magic Mystery Pen is an ordinary looking black pen with a secret gimmick. The performance is simple and easy to do. First show the pen and a dollar bill. Show the pen to penetrate the bill. Then magically remove the pen from the bill leaving no hole or blemishes. Hand both the pen and the bill out for total examination! Makes for a great everyday pen also.