Magic Shows are Weaving the Spell around the World

The illusionists on Broadway Magic and mystery always catch fancy of people, especially kids. They started out as fun magic tricks in our childhood when magical bottle- and card tricks gave their enraptured young audiences wonderful results. Nowadays magic tricks and illusionary magic shows are weaving their spell all over the world. Adults the world over are joining the magic show adventure and are making sure they don’t miss out on the most recent tricks of magicians.

banner2Just recently The Illusionists’ has been playing at Broadway. In keeping with the 21st Century, the show focused on technology-based tricks. Some of the line-up of the show included magician Jeff Hobson and illusionist Kevin James as well as Yo Ho-Jin who has recently won ‘Magician of the Year’. Of course the world of magic also has its share of irritations, because a show like ‘The Illusionist’ has young guys wanting to present magic tricks in a new way with technology, music and comedy being added in while the older guys want it to stay more traditional. In the show, for instance, there is a recreation of Houdini’s famous Water Torture Cell where the person is put face-first into a tank of water with his feet manacled. Tricks aren’t hidden as there are no covers on the tank to hide any tricks.