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Becoming a Magician is one of the most exhilarating skills you can learn. Having the ability to create illusions that excite and astound your audience gives you an aura of mystery that is unmatched in any other type of performance.

If you are interested in learning magic there are a few basic places you need to start. First you have to obtain a deck of cards and work through some basic magic tricks that involve counting and card positioning. Card tricks are the cornerstone of a Magician’s skills, you must always carry a deck of cards with you wherever you go so you can practice your tricks over and over again with new audiences and in difference locations.

The Ultimate 4 Card Trick is a great trick to start with, it is simple and is designed to amaze even the most skeptical audience.

Before you move on to the more advanced Sleight of hand card tricks you can actually work through a number of other tricks that are simple and just as impressive, take note of the following tricks and put them in your notepad for future reference;

Impossible, Impossible Ver. 2, Royal Triumph, Think Force, Any Card Thought Of, The Convincer, The Gambler, Time Machine, Open Prediction, Match Maker, Any Two Cards, Instant Reversal, Oops Force, Cut Deeper Force, Hindu Shuffle Force, The Glide, Double Lift, Houdini Color Change, Color Change Routine

These tricks can be found on the instructional DVD Killer Card Tricks With No Sleight of Hand

Once you have mastered these basic Card Tricks and skills you will be able to start working on your sleight of hand. There is an excellent 4 DVD set which includes everything from Basic card tricks through to the more advanced Sleight of hand and we highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in becoming a Magician.

The DVD’s include over 120 effects and is a complete course that will move you from a beginner to expert level card magic. You will learn the great sleights of hand, controls, and flourishes of a proficient card technician. Highly respected magic instructor, Gerry Griffin, will take you step-by-step through your entire journey into card magic.

DVD 1: Beginner & Intermediate
DVD 2: Advanced & Expert
DVD 3: Expert Extreme
DVD 4: Forces, Shuffles, Flourishes, Cuts, & Sleights

Complete Card Magic – 4 DVD Set

Just these three learning DVD’s will be enough to make you stand out from the rest of the Magicians you meet as most people do not commit the time or the energy it needs to truly become a wonderful magician. Do yourself a favour, invest in yourself and you will be rewarded with a lifetime of skills that you can use whenever or wherever you go.

Wild Card Magic Trick

Wild Card Magic Trick


If you are wanting to experience magic on the Wild side… then this is the perfect Magic Trick kit for you.

If you are looking for a magic trick that has fooled Magicians for centuries and you want a trick that is easily learned then look no further than the Wild Card magic trick.

With the skills you will learn from this trick you will be able to have your audience watch the transformation of the nine (9) of spades into Wild Queens right before yours and your audiences very eyes!

You will be able to master the Ultimate Card trick quickly with the visual guide, DVD and online teaching. There are even 7 seven performance variations to this trick which will allow you endless opportunities to fool your audience again and again!

Wild Card Kit Includes:


  • Magic Cards
  • Visual Guide
  • Online Teaching
  • Instructional DVD with 7 Bonus Performance Versions



Basic Side Hand Magic Trick

This Card Trick involves simple techniques, but the real trick is the performance and audience miss-direction, what that means is talking and explaining the trick to the participants so that they actually forget what they have done with the cards in the last step of the trick.

Making your participant believe that they have the capacity to cut directly to their card gives you an edge.

Open Any Door

Skeleton Key

Quick Overview

A magical silver key is shown on your fingertips. The teeth of the key mysteriously move around the shaft for the magician. The key is then handed to a spectator and the teeth cannot be moved. Silver Plated! Truly astonishing! Can be handed over for inspection!

Excitingly spooky & easy to perform!



$29.95 USD

US Customers Only ($4.95 USD Postage & Handling)

Worlds Fastest Card Trick

Extremely simple trick that you can throw in between your big tricks, this one is a great trick to get started with, especially if you have lost some cards out of your deck. The trick involves having two same suit cards and holding them together so the audience think there is just one card. Once you flick the cards you then appear to have magically changed one card into another, as can be expected it is all in the sleight of hand.


Bicycle ESP Test Deck with Teaching DVD

Quick Overview

Welcome to EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION using the ESP Test Deck. The instructional DVD with teach you the most amazing ESP effects and routines. Accomplished Mentalist, Rudy T. Hunter, along with Marty Grams will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know about using the ESP Test Deck. This deck will enable you to perform metalism, parapsychology and even magic tricks!

Full 56 Card Deck containing:
2 Black Full Sets of Five Standard Cards
(circle, cross, wavy lines, square, star)

2 Red Full Sets
2 Blue Full Sets
2 Green Full Sets
1 Orange Full Set
1 Yellow Full Set

Bonus Cards:
6 Additional Cards, each representing a number between 6 and 11



$39.95 USD

US Customers Only ($4.95 USD Postage & Handling)

On This DVD:

-Overview of the Deck
-The Basics
-The Shiner
-Encore Card Stab
-Marty Grams: ESP Mind Reading
-Rudy T. Hunter: The Prediction
-The Box Prediction
-The Bet
-Pre-Show Effect
-Match, No Match
-The Vibe
-Two of a Kind
-Ultimate Match-Up
-Rudy T. Hunter’s Simple Easy ESP
-Out of this World
-Black and Blue

Extremely Simple Card Trick

This trick is nearly too simple to share, but practicing this trick will enable you to master the art of holding two cards when your audience things you are holding just one card. The skills you need to perform this trick are extremely simple, most of the trick is making it look more difficult than it actually is.

Enjoy the video

Are you New to Magic?

Color Changing Deck

Quick Overview

The Color Changing Deck is a stunning effect that even fools magicians! Rudy T. Hunter will teach you this routine, and more, giving you a complete act. Special gimmicked bicycle back card and wallet included!

On this DVD:

The Routine – A fast and easy routine that will leave your spectators amazed!

Chicago Opener – One of the best card tricks in card magic. Make one card back out of the whole deck change color while still staying the same on the front.

Mine – Take the Chicago Opener to the next level and really astonish your spectators by finding their card with a special message written on it.

Mental Prediction – This trick will give your spectator the psychic ability to pick the only different backed card in the whole deck.

Imaginary Card in Wallet – Your spectator signs a card and it magically changes color on the back.



$12.95 USD

US Customers Only ($4.95 USD Postage & Handling)

Jumping Jack Card Trick

The trick of the Jumping Jacks.  This trick requires a slight level of skill in card holding and manipulation, it is not a WOW trick but it is good enough to start to convince your friends you have what it takes to fool them.

The idea is to take out the four Jacks first, also select a random card, now put the four Jacks on the top of the deck with your random card on top, by doing this you are preparing the deck for your trick.   Now you lay the top four cards (1 random card and 3 Jacks) out on your cloth face down, revealing a couple of the cards to show people they are the Jacks.

Watch the rest of the trick and learn the reveal here;

Don’t STOP


Quick Overview

Triumph Deck With DVD & Bonus Effect:
This is the effect that NO MAGICIAN IS WITHOUT. Watch the demo and enjoy the magic! Printed in Bicycle Stock! Included you will receive an instructional DVD and you’ll learn the entire performance and method from Simon Lovell and a whole lot more! Your kit comes complete with extra cards for yet more routines all of which are taught in full detail.



$19.95 USD

US Customers Only ($4.95 USD Postage & Handling)