Elgregroe The Magician – Helping Kids

Illusion Elgregoe pic.ashxElgregroe, one of New Zealand´s most well known and top performers magician, has been using one of his magical tricks in order to deliver significant social messages to kiwi children basically on anti-bullying in local schools.

Thanks to his charisma, magic and humor, Elgregoe, or also known as Greg Britt, has been successfully performing on his shows for more than 17 years. Even thanks to this profession, he has met his wife, also assistant, Sue, and together they use tricks, music, puppets and more to deliver their anti-bullying messages.

Elgregoe had been challenged 15 years ago, when someone told him, “if you are a real magician then let’s see if you can make bullying disappear.” But before he would put his challenge into work, he carried out all the necessary research on the topic and had a look at the current issues going on. This way he would be able to provide an unique show, where the message would not just be delivered, but also the kids would keep on thinking about this and want to change their attitude and help the rest do that too.

He has been acknowledged too for his unique ability to deliver an important message and how he shows his passion and ability to engage with children.

Elgregoe mentions how lucky he feels also to be able to perform his tricks, doing ventriloquism, working with parrots and travelling.