Free Magic Tricks

Free Magic Tricks is all about MAGIC!!! we love it!! when you subscribe to our free magic school you will receive over 30 Free Magic Tricks sent to your Inbox on a regular basis so you can learn the basics of being a magician, each of the magic tricks we send is Free and all you have to do is spend some time learning the skills needed to become a Magician.

The more free magic tricks we can send you the better… We also operate an Online Magic Shop as you will find that as you start to progress your skills as a Magician you will need to start to acquire specific decks of cards needed for certain card tricks and other things such as silk’s, magic rabbits and of course a magician’s wand.

Magic Store OnlineOnce you start to invest in yourself and improve your skills as a magician you will amaze your friends and if you become good, you will be able to have your own performances where you can perform in front of people of all ages and even start to make money from your shows.

Being a Magician is a way of life, the more tricks you learn the more people will want to see you perform, you will often find people you do not even know will start to ask you to show them a trick or two because friends and people who have seen you perform before would have told them. You must remember however the one golden rule of Magic;

A Magician Never Reveals his Secrets