Interesting Facts About Magicians

magic facts

Probably you have heard many times about different facts and myths that surround magicians. Learn more about some interesting facts you may have never heard of:

  1. Prince Charles is the most famous member of the Magic Circle. After having performed the famous Club & Balls tricks for members he joined the Club in 1975.
  2. The amount of dead magicians is at least of 15, who died while performing 225 tricks in 2 just 2 minutes in an attempt for a World Record in
  3. One of the most famous phrases of the artistic world, “Died on stage” was extremely put into practice by Coulew of Lorraine in 1963, when an angry audience member clubbed him to death.
  4. There are two magicians who have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and they are Harry Houdini and David Copperfield.
  5. The already mentioned Harry Houdini chose his artistic name in order to respect the father of modern magic, Robert-Houdin.
  6. All magicians are known to be good inventor and very creative. Even one of the most known magicians invented the nowadays popular typewriter keyboard.
  7. Matthew Buchinger, an 18th Century famous magician was born without arms or legs. Anyway he developed himself and became a magician, a calligrapher and a musician. Apart from all his professional achievements, he became the father of eleven children.
  8. The biggest magic club in the world is called International Brotherhood of Magicians, and it is the largest as it counts with around 25,000 members.

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