Don’t give up on your dreams

Have you given up on achieving your dreams?  Don’t you remember the first time you saw a magic trick and it inspired you to become a Magician!

I spent the weekend with friends and we had some time to play some card games, luckily I had a few new tricks to show them and what was set to be a normal Saturday night turned into a great chance for me to practice some new tricks.  Being a Magician is more than just knowing a few Magic Tricks, it is having the ability to inspire and amaze people, whenever you show someone a trick they will always remember you.

The trick that impressed them the most was Jokers Wild a great trick which none of them had seen before.  I also did some basic tricks such as the World’s Fastest Card Trick this one is always good but will take some time to perfect.  The Rising Card trick was probably the simplest trick but it is still a great trick and stumps most people.

Keep Practicing and we hope to hear your stories. Please comment below