Magic Tricks are Hot Property on the Entertainment Scene

magician_shows_stunts_and_tricks_with_cards_sleight_of_hand_glamour_backgroundThere are plenty of guides on the Internet showing how easy it is to learn some simple but very entertaining magic tricks. These guides will take you by the hand and lead you through the basics. Not only does learning magic develop creativity and problem-solving skills, it simply provides a host of opportunities for entertaining people at different events. Take David Blaine for instance. He is a great performer of street magic whose amazing stunts rocketed him to stardom in a short space of time.

Learn the Tricks of the Greats

Magicians such as David Blaine and David Copperfield even allow you to learn some of their tricks by offering the public free access to learn some of their amazing skills. Just remember that to do these magic tricks and ensure that they are effective, you will need to practice them thoroughly so that you can do them well.

It can even be therapeutic for adults and children in a stressful environment. Its a breeze to learn simple magic tricks, and you’ll certainly be helping to give your audience a good time. Some highly entertaining magicians use short stories with their tricks and keep their audiences enraptured. Whether you want coin tricks, free card tricks, mentalism and illusions you can learn a host of tricks top magicians have used, and free of charge. Whatever your level pf magic, you are guaranteed to find something new to impress and delight.

magic-trick-799126Effortless Impromptu Entertainment

Street magic can offer a variety of illusions, but the bottom line is that these magic tricks can be used impromptu which will ensure you become the ‘entertainer of the moment’ for a host of events.

Become a Master Mentalist

Master mind control techniques  and the ability to read people’s thoughts…

Mentalism is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities.

Performances may include telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, precognition, psychokinesis, mediumship, mind control, memory feats and rapid mathematics. Hypnosis may also be used as a stage tool. Mentalists are sometimes referred to as Psychic entertainers.

If you ever wanted become a mentalist, then you’re at the right place. At the Free Magic School, we’re going to show you everything you need to know to master this amazing craft!

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At the end of each lesson, you’ll be able to post comments and links to your videos to get feedback and critiques of your performance.

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