Making Tiles Appear and Disappear

Some of the more mathematically minded magicians might have already seen or worked this trick out for themselves, but we thought we would share it.

In this illusion, Norberto Jansenson starts his trick with a tray of 63 joined and non-joined tiles. Norberto then starts to remove the tiles from the wooden tray, the trick the progresses with Norberto appearing to have three more tiles then when he starts, appearing out of thin air.

From what we can work out the trick here is the angle of the camera – Norberto does not appear to be palming pieces.  We believe this is a very old trick that uses optics to create the illusion and the viewers inability to notice the very small changes in the tiles or object’s dimensions.

Norberto starts with a rectangle of tiles that has 63 units in area, however after shuffling the pieces three times, the total area is actually only 60 units. It still appears to be 63, however some of the pieces are no longer one full unit in area.

The best way to see how “out of shape” the tiled object is after the three pieces have been removed is to stop the video at 2:30, exactly, and study closely how misshapen the center, horizontal rows actually look and how mismatched the pieces are. You don’t notice this during the video because it’s moving faster and you’re watching his hands, not studying the “board.”

Try performing the trick by making your own tiles out of cardboard.

Make Things Dissapear

The Vanishing Box

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