3 most popular magic tricks of all times

The death saw trick by David CopperfieldThe death saw trick by David Copperfield

Being a legend in the magic industry with a record selling of over 40 million to his shows, David has performed numerous eye-catching magic tricks, but the most outstanding one was the death saw magic trick. During this trick, David was lay on a raised table where a saw mill was started passing over his head without cutting through is neck. This was an amazing trick which left everyone who was present wondering how that can happen.

The bullet-catch trThe bullet-catch trick by Penn and Tellerick by Penn and Teller

Can you imagine the speed at which a bullet travels and the intensity and impact it has on any platform it lands on? With this imagination, now imagine someone being able to catch a fired bullet which is almost 5 meters way. This is the exact experience which was offered by Penn and Teller when they performed at a theater to exhibit this out of this world magic experience.

libertyThe vanishing of the Liberty Statue in New York by David Copperfield

David should be on the frontline to gain the bragging rights as the best magician. He has managed to perform to pull off some wonderful tricks and the vanishing of the Liberty Statue makes it to our top 3 list of the finest magic tricks. Can you imagine staring at the statue and the next minute it is nowhere to be seen? How can such a big statue disappear right in front of your eyes? That was the experience witnessed by the people who were at that place during the time when David performed this trick.