Telekinesis Card Trick

This trick is a very impressive trick and one that once mastered will totally astound your audience. The trick involves a Hindu shuffle and the force card technique and also requires you to prepare for the trick with the aid of some invisible string or cotton. As can be seen by this magician he is wearing a black shirt which means he can easily hide the string he is using to pull on the card and make it appear to levitate.

You need more than that RIGHT!!

Learn How to Force a Card

Quick Overview

Learn how to have the ability to make your spectator secretly select a card! Amaze your audience with the Cross Cut Force, Riffle Force, Short Card Dribble, and much more! Collect the series!



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On This DVD:

Cross Cut Force
Hindu Force
Cut Deeper Force
Slip Cut Force (var. 1)
Slip Cut Force (bonus app)
Slip Cut Force (var. 2)
Riffle Force
Dribble Force
Short Card Dribble
Short Card Riffle
Rollover Force
Say When Force
Glide Force