The French Drop Coin Trick

This trick has been around for a very long time, and as simple as the trick appears is a little bit difficult to master as your brain is instructing your hand to do one thing, but for the purposes of the trick you need to do another. The Magician uses a wand to misdirect the audience into forgetting the last place they saw the coin, however some will still want you to show that you have nothing in both hands which might ruin the trick. Worth having a go at.


The Muscle Pass

Quick Overview

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the muscle pass, there’s no better place then right here! Kris Nevling shows you how to master this elusive move along with seven high-impact applications. If you already do the muscle pass, this DVD will help you perform it higher and easier. Bring your coin magic to a whole new level..A HIGHER Level! All you need is a coin, your hands, and someone to amaze!



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