Turn Coffee into Money

If you want to turn coffee into money you do not need to own a coffee shop, you just need to know this trick. Here the magician is able to transform his cup of coffee into a cup of coins with the simple use of a 2 X Styrofoam Cups (one smaller than the other), some coffee, some coins a sponge and the help of his finger.

By placing a smaller cup of coins in the larger cup he is able to slowly push the smaller cup to the top which in turn makes the coffee fall to the bottom and be soaked up into the sponge he has placed in the bottom of the larger cup.

Water into Wine

Or Something from Nothing

Quick Overview

Quick Overview
Two amazing packet tricks combined on one DVD. These are fun, visual tricks that are easy to learn! Join Paul Hallas on his DVD collection of Packet Trick Treasures! All Cards Included!

Something from Nothing
Amaze your audience by making Something from Nothing right before their eyes! Paul Hallas gives you step-by-step instructions on how to perform this packet trick, along with a few secrets that will leave your audience astonished!

Water to Wine
Have your audience thirsting for more with this Water to Wine packet trick. Paul Hallas will teach you step-by-step how to perform this packet trick, along with a few comical puns that will leave you audience astonished and laughing!



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