New 2 Spongeball Magic Trick

Here’s another fun and unique spongeball magic trick that will startle and shock your family and friends… I was a naturally shy young man in school, but magic helped me to open up and easily make friends. It was this trick that got me a girl friend when I was in high school :-)… If you’ve been practicing, then you should know how to do this amazingly easy magic trick!

Make sure to watch both videos below (click the link under the video to watch the 2nd video).

Click Here to Learn How to do This Magic Trick

Sure to Impress your Friends

Secrets With Invisible Thread Kit

Quick Overview

Make everyday objects levitate, spin, and dance.(Gravity is optional) Kit contains invisible thread, magician’s wax, and instructional DVD.



$19.95 USD

US Customers Only ($4.95 USD Postage & Handling)

On This DVD:

Rising Card
Magically cause a spectator’s card to rise right out of the deck.

Floating Bill
Cause any dollar bill from a spectator to levitate moving your hands around it.

Spinning Card
Spectator’s will be shocked when you make a card spin through your hands and around your body.

Effortlessly levitate a cork from the top of a bottle to the palm of your hand.

Rising Pen
Control a pen from any container to your hand without even touching it.

Crazy Ring
Make a ring rise, float, and spin in mid air.

Invisible Bridge
Cause objects to float above what seems to be an invisible bridge above a single card.

Flying Bottle Cap
Amaze everyone when you make a bottle cap spin like a flying saucer.

The Haunted Deck
Without even touching the deck, mysteriously cut a pack of cards in half, and watch as only one card swings out.


  1. Shardee says:

    Cool magic cartees…
    hope 1 day u can come 2 malaysia…
    & teach me more about magic trick

    • Ian Meisch says:

      Yeah prettey coll although I performe it before very good explamation but you should do somthin on stage allusions.

  2. oleg says:

    nice and really easy)

  3. style says:

    great! when is new one coming?

  4. Navish says:

    toooooooooo goooooood man!!

  5. Dan says:

    Wow that easy!! thx mr.Cartess Ross you got skills!

  6. def says:

    you are the best

    thank you man 🙂

  7. Linas says:

    omg i like this 🙂

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  9. Francois says:

    This is an amazing trick but when are you going to send the next one because it has alnost been two weeks now? Is there something wrong?

  10. Isaac says:

    I just want to say that what I got from the teacher of magic…its really AMAZING fantastic and I really liked it and also want to know more….and more.
    Catess….this is wonderful.I love it.

  11. rogelio says:

    cool 8)

  12. gökhan says:

    I want to a new one but it doesn’t come .s could you send it for me?

  13. OLIVER says:

    super..i would like to teach to my school children,,

  14. T.J. says:

    Loved the trick thanks for the lesson your hand movement is great hope to produce balls that well someday thanks again for the free magic lesson

  15. Tony says:

    I love your magic but why no more lessons after sending two lessons?

    Have a nice day

  16. jason says:

    awesome dude! was wonderin if i would get the lit cigarette into the dollar bill trick sent to me?? its unreal!!